℠ to Connect with Donors, Grant Candidates

November 17, 2014 – Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website,  The new and improved version of Sky Ranch Foundation’s ℠ “home on the web” has been crafted to convey the foundation’s heritage, mission and ongoing efforts to serve at-risk boys and girls through grants to community-based care organizations.

“By updating our presence on the web, Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ has provided an improved destination to connect with the organization, support its mission or seek its support for worthwhile causes,” said Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ President Ralph Aguera.

In addition to providing information on the foundation’s long-standing support from distributors, retailers, suppliers, and other companies associated with the beverage alcohol industry, the site catalogues the foundation’s work to give at-risk youth a second chance by identifying and offering grants to efficient and effective programs focused on improving the quality of help available to these boys and girls.

Visitors to the site will notice streamlined menus, simple navigation and access to information on how to support Sky Ranch Foundation ℠, as well as how to apply for grant support from the foundation.  The site also provides information about the organization’s governance and its continued association with the beverage alcohol industry.

“As Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ continues to develop as a difference-maker in the lives of young boys and girls, we’re also evolving technologically as an organization to connect with those wo want to learn more about the foundation or those who wish to join the men and women of the beverage alcohol industry supporting Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ goals,” said Aguera.

Formed in 1961 and building on more than 50 years of tradition, Sky Ranch Foundation’s &#8480 funds have come largely from individuals and companies associated with the beer, wine and spirits industries.  Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ continues to strive to be the uniting force within the beverage alcohol industry for aid to at-risk youth and reflects the industry’s great concern and commitment – without commercial self-interest or promotion – to the youth of America.