Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ was created in 1961 to support the operation of a residential retreat center that offered education, enrichment and support services to troubled youth from around the country. The Foundation ℠ was established with generous gifts from distributors, retailers, suppliers, and other companies associated with the beverage alcohol industry.

50 Years of ServiceDuring its first 50 years, Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ focused on supporting the Sky Ranch for Boys ®, a campus and ranch owned on the South Dakota/Montana border. It was on this working ranch and with the support of the Sky Ranch Foundation’s ℠ membership and beverage alcohol industry supporters that hundreds of disadvantaged young people became healthy, responsible and independent adults.

In September 2011, in light of an economic trend toward community based alternatives, the leaders of Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ announced the re-dedication of Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ and its mission to serve at-risk boys and girls. To that end, the Foundation’s ℠ leadership shifted its focus into a new phase of operations that expanded Sky Ranch Foundation’s ℠ scope with a pledge to provide grants to quality programs delivering care to boys and girls who need help.