On behalf of the Beverage Alcohol Industry, Sky Ranch Foundation has now awarded more than $2.6 million in grants to help enrich the lives of our nations’ at-risk youth.

Grantee Brooklyn, NY-based Exalt Youth (, facilitates lasting behavioral change in New York City’s most neglected and hard to serve youth – those involved in the criminal justice system. Exalt empowers youth to see a future filled with hope—and provides the road map to get there.

Another grantee, Louisville, Kentucky-based Boys & Girls Haven ( has been empowering youth for more than six decades. Their commitment to serve youth in foster care, regardless of race or creed, has remained constant.

Stacy Brindley, Independence Readiness Program Director and Jeff Hadley, Chief Executive Officer

Foundation President Ralph Aguera notes, “Empowerment and hope are key factors in helping to rehabilitate our nations’ at-risk youth and Exalt Youth and Boys & Girls Haven are perfect examples of organizations committed toward reaching that goal.”

The Foundation Board will meet at the end of May to review this year’s applications and select the organizations which will receive funding.

If you know of an organization which fits the Foundation profile (troubled youth 11-18, focusing on prevention and rehabilitative services, including counseling, education, job training and more), please encourage them to send in their LOI for 2019 by next February 28.

We thank all of those who have been supporting the Foundation and look forward to your continued support. All donations are welcome.  For over fifty years the Sky Ranch Foundation’s SKY RANCH FOR BOYS® has been assisting young people rehabilitate their lives for the better. If you would like to join us in assisting in the rehabilitation of young people, please click on the contact page of our website for details.

The full list of beverage alcohol industry companies who support Sky Ranch Foundation can be accessed via a link on our Support page (, which also offers a link for donations. If you made a donation and do not see your company listed here, please contact

George McCarthy, Chairman

Ralph Aguera, President