December 2018

As Sky Ranch Foundation enters our 59th year we thank the Beverage Alcohol Industry for continuing to support our nation’s at-risk youth. Your contributions have helped the Foundation to resultantly award grants to organizations so focused, such as these two Chicago-based organizations.

Crusher’s Club ( has operated in one of Chicago’s roughest gang-infested neighborhoods, Englewood since 2001. One remarkable woman, Sally Hazelgrove, Founder and Executive Director of Crushers Club noted, “I just have a dream, to be honest, of changing the life of every young man engaging in gang activity.” Sally approached gang members and asked them what would get them off the street. Boxing was the overwhelming response.

Founded in 2001, Urban Initiatives ( works with community schools using sports, primarily soccer, as an incentive to ‘work to play’. Their various programs serve distinct age groups always promoting cooperation and teamwork. One of their programs, Play with Potential, is noted as having reduced bullying after just 4 months, as noted by half of the teachers. See Video:

“Both of these organizations have done an outstanding job in helping rehabilitate Chicago’s troubled youth,” notes Foundation President Ralph Aguera. “We are dedicated to furthering our efforts in providing much needed funding,” added Foundation Chairman George McCarthy.

Organizations wishing to receive a grant have until January 31 to send in their Letter of Intent (LOI). Link here to view our Funding Guidelines:

For almost 6 decades the Sky Ranch Foundation’s SKY RANCH FOR BOYS® has been assisting young people rehabilitate their lives for the better. If you would like to join us in assisting in the rehabilitation of young people, please click on the contact page of our website for details.

The full list of beverage alcohol industry companies who support the Foundation can be accessed via a link on our Support page,, which also offers a link for donations.


If you made a donation and do not see your company listed here, please contact this year, four media outlets have carried our messages each month. Special thanks to Mark Brown’s Industry News Update, Gregg Glaser of Modern Distillery Age, Sean Ludford of and John Bodnovich and the ABL Newsletter group. 






The best of the Season to you and a Healthy Happy New Year (don’t text or drink and drive!)

George McCarthy, Chairman

Ralph Aguera, President

About Sky Ranch Foundation and Sky Ranch For Boys ®

Since 2011, the Foundation ℠ has awarded $3.3 million in grants to organizations providing support for at-risk youth. Formed in 1961 and building on more than 58 years of tradition, Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ is a tax-exempt charitable organization committed to identifying and offering grants to efficient and effective programs focused on improving the quality of help available to these youth. If you involved with or know of any organization that would fit our commitment we encourage you to visit our web site and apply for a grant.

Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ is governed by a board of directors comprised mainly of active and retired members of the beverage alcohol industry. The Foundation’s ℠ funds have come largely from individuals and companies associated with the beer, wine and spirits industries and reflects the industry’s great concern and commitment for at-risk youth.