October 2017

Two new programs received grants this year including the Atlanta, GA-based The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative (theodbi.org) and Kamuela, HI-based West Hawai’i Mediation Center (whmediation.org).

The ODBI received funding for its trauma-informed, education-focused 12-week coaching program to students who are homeless or in foster care. Ralph Aguera, President of Sky Ranch Foundation says, “In a time when more and more at-risk children find themselves growing up without the support that leads them to become productive and healthy members of our community, it’s comforting to know that The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative has been proactively involved in changing the courses of these children’s lives.” “Sky Ranch Foundation’s support is an inspiring example of organizations with shared missions partnering for excellence and equity in education and investing in the success of our state’s students in need,” says Michael Daly, ODBI president.

L to R: Dwayne Kasper, ODBI Board Member, Diana Black, ODBI VP, Ralph Aguera, Sky Ranch President, Sam Bracken, ODBI Co-Founder, Michael Daly, ODBI President, Reggie Pope ODBI Board Chair

The Foundation supports the West Hawai’i Mediation Center’s (WHMC) Conflict Resolution Education and Peer Mediation program which commenced in late 2012 with one pilot school – and now engages six middle schools and seven elementary schools, collectively serving more than 5,000 students in West Hawaii schools. “WHMC focuses on two strategic and elemental missions, prevention and conflict resolution, both crucial steps toward successfully integrating these troubled youth,” says George McCarthy, Foundation Chairman.

Amanda Q. Blount, MSW, Interim Executive Director, with entire staff of West Hawai’i Mediation Center

We thank all of those who have been supporting the Foundation and look forward to your continued support. All donations are welcome.  For over fifty years the Sky Ranch Foundation’s SKY RANCH FOR BOYS® has been assisting young people rehabilitate their lives for the better. If you would like to join us in assisting in the rehabilitation of young people, please click on the contact page of our website skyranchfoundation.org for details.


This month we welcome and thank our newest supporter, BevX.com. The full list of supporting beverage alcohol industry and associated companies can be accessed via SKYRANCHFOUNDATION.org/support, which also offers a link for donations. If you made a donation and do not see your company listed here, please contact doribryant@aol.com.



George McCarthy, Chairman

Ralph Aguera, President