Success breeds success and Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ ( and Sky Ranch for Boys ® cannot be prouder of the success of the organizations which have received grants from the Foundation through the years. With thanks to the Beverage Alcohol industry for their donations and loyal support, the Foundation can continue to grant moneys to organizations which help rehabilitate at-risk youth. Below are a few success stories of some of the youth that were served by a few of those grantees which received our funds. We are thankful that we can share a portion of their journeys.

‘sacred’ Sexually Abused Children’s Relief Endeavor (

Sarah’s story: ”I learned early in my childhood that there are very few people in this world that you can trust. I believed the same thing every 4 year old believed. Mommy and Daddy are good people and everything they do is right. But unfortunately, that isn’t always true. Read  more here.

SOS Children’s Villages (

Mary’s story: “Mary spent every day of her life in foster care until she was finally adopted at age 11. Tragically, 4 years later, her adopted mother passed away and she was shuffled back through the child welfare system. Read more here.

Boys and Girls Haven (

Nicks’s story: “I got put into foster care when I was seven years old. Actually, it was me, my older brother, my younger brother and my sister, all at the same time. We were split up and sent to four different foster homes. Read more here.

Red Hook Initiative (

Tyshame Reid got what he calls “a second chance” by taking on a number of different jobs at RHI after school, including Office Assistant, Peer Health Educator, Teen Chef Facilitator, and Radio Intern. The support he received year-round at RHI from an early age enabled Tyshame to graduate college at the same time he aged out of foster care. Read more here.

If you are involved with or know of any organization that fits our commitment, we encourage you to share our web site with them to apply for a grant.  While visiting, note that the Foundation now accepts donations (

George McCarthy, Chairman

Ralph Aguera, President

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