Oakland, California-based East Bay Children’s Law Offices, Inc. (EBCLO.org) is a nonprofit child advocacy organization, providing legal representation to children and youth who are the subject of abuse and neglect proceedings, delinquency proceedings and probate guardianship proceedings in Alameda County Courts. The EBCLO mission is to provide top notch holistic legal services to the most vulnerable children in their community. In 2015, 348 of their clients were reunited with their parents and their cases were closed.

One such success story is of two such children, Sean and Monica, ages nine and ten.

EBCLO: At first, it didn’t work out for them like they hoped.  Their dad relapsed after a short period of sobriety.  When they went back into foster care the second time, they were lucky enough to be able to return to the same foster home.  But more than anything, they wanted to have their dad sober again and to be reunited with him.  Others had their doubts about their father.  But Sean and Monica’s EBCLO lawyer made certain their voice was heard loud and clear.  Their dad did get sober and they did go home.  What made it all the more special is that Sean and Monica’s foster parents became a part of the children’s lives forever, still taking the kids camping after they had returned to their father’s home.  When communities come together for our kids, everyone wins.


From left to right, Kristin Mateer (Managing Attorney), Mike Donohoe (Sky Ranch Foundation℠), Susan Walsh (Interim Executive Director), Ana Wong (Finance Director) and Joy Ricardo (Managing Director).

Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ Vice President Mike Donohoe recently visited EBCLO offices and presented them with the Foundation’s $10,000 grant. “The EBCLO staff is avidly dedicated to assisting at-risk youth,” said Mr. Donohoe. “The Foundation continues to support organizations such as EBCLO, thanks to the support of the Beverage Alcohol Industry,” furthered Mr. Donohoe.

If you are involved with or know of any organization that fits our commitment, we encourage you to share our web site with them to apply for a grant.  While visiting, note that the Foundation now accepts direct donations via this link (www.skyranchfoundation.org/support/supporting-sky-ranch-foundation/). We thank those who have been supporting the Foundation since 1961.

George McCarthy, Chairman

Ralph Aguera, President