February 17, 2012 – Sky Ranch Behavioral Services (SRBS) has been selected as the first recipient of a foundation grant from the Sky Ranch Foundation. Sky Ranch Behavioral Services of Siouxland has been associated with Sky Ranch Foundation for over 30 years. The professional staff provides at-risk youth with the following:

  • In home services for youth and families that are struggling with issues related to communication, problem solving, interpersonal relationships, anger control, emotional regulation and conflict resolution
  • In home services to children prior to out of home placement, which enables children to remain in the home
  • Transitional services for out of home placements – serving the client and the family to reintegrate the child back into the home after placement

Research establishes that youth receiving in-home services are 50% less likely to be placed out of the home for treatment. Research also states that youth who have the highest level of success after treatment and do not re-offend are those that have the support of quality transitional and in-home services.

The Strategic Planning Committee – Sky Ranch Foundation under Foundation Chairman, George McCarthy – has worked since January, 2011 to identify and define the right mission for the organization. Building on a tradition of 50+ years aiding troubled youth, the foundation’s new mission remains committed to prompting a positive environment for the youth of America through grant funding. Although there will be an end to the Foundation’s quality residential treatment center, the generous people of their membership are committed to making a real difference in the lives of the coming generation.

The Sky Ranch Foundation has committed to support Sky Ranch Behavioral Services in the future and will continue to build the relationship between Sky Ranch Behavioral Services and the Sky Ranch Foundation. The Foundation strives to get as many troubled kids as possible the help they need to become responsible, productive adults.

Ralph Aguera and George McCarthy, members of the Sky Ranch Foundation Executive Committee, visited Sky Ranch Behavioral Services in August. They have an existing working relationship with Juvenile Court Services Chief Gary Niles, Department of Human Services staff and members of the Sky Ranch Behavioral Services staff.